The Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

The Department of Anaesthesiology and lntensive Care Medicine (KARIM) is divided into four basic units:

  • In the field of anesthesia, comprehensive anesthesiological care is provided during the perioperative period for all types of surgical procedures in all age categories except for cardiac surgery.
  • Intensive care of the highest level is provided in resuscitation beds for adult patients with basic vital function failure due to various causes (polytrauma, cardiac arrest, sepsis, etc.) and patients after extensive surgical interventions.
  • Emergency admission is an integral part of the Traumacentre for children and adults, as well as the complex Cerebro and Cardiovascular Center. There is multidisciplinary care for acutely ill patients with very good treatment results comparable to European and world trauma centers. Emergency Admission is divided into high-threshold Emergency, which was opened in 1994 as the first specialized reception for patients at risk of basic vital functions, and a lowthreshold section of acute outpatient Departments which is now undergoing extensive modernization.
  • The Pain Treatment Center provides pharmacological treatment as well as a number of interventions for patients with intractable pain.

KARIM doctors have been involved in research into organ failure, antibiotic therapy, hemodynamic monitoring, blood coagulation disorders, and neurological disability in acute conditions. They have completed a number of publications and received awards for scientific achievements in the Czech Republic and abroad.