The Department of Oncology and Radiotherapeutics

Oncology and RadiotherapeuticsThe Department of Oncology and Radiotherapeutics is a complex oncology center dealing with costly cancer treatment, providing both local (external radiotherapy, brachytherapy) and systemic (chemotherapy, hormonal treatment, immunotherapy, targeted treatment, treatment based on genetic examination of the tumor) treatment. It provides specialized and superspecialized treatment of cancer not only for the inhabitants of the Pilsen region but also for the Karlovy Vary region. This makes the Department one of the largest oncology facilities in the Czech Republic and is the most heavily burdened workplace in terms of the number of patients.

A fully equipped workplace uses only modern radiati on techniques, including stereotactic radiation, which is as gentle to the tissue as possible. All examinations, if possible, are performed on an outpatient basis. This depends on the patient‘s condition.

In selected diagnoses (liver metastases, prostate tumors), in cooperation with the Department of Imaging Methods, it also performs radioisotope therapy.

The doctors of the Department participate in the education of students of Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, and doctoral students and doctors before professional accreditation. The head of the Department is also the dean of this faculty.

The scientific focus of the workplace, with practical impact on the treatment of patients, is the individualization of the provided treatment based on the knowledge of the genetic profile of tumors, especially in the field of lung, digestive and breast tumors. Doctors regularly publish in foreign journals and are invited to give lectures.