The Department of Urology

The Department of Urology provides all inpatient and outpatient emergency urological care for the entire Pilsen Region. Outpatient activities are provided across the whole spectrum of urology in general urological outpatient departments as well as in specialized outpatient departments (children, andrological, litiatic, urodynamic, oncourological). The complete range of Inpatient care is provided, inc-luding the most demanding oncological procedures (eg. radical cystectomy with orthotopic neovesica, ie. “substitute” bladder), also encompassing the field of pediatric urology.

The Department specializes in laparoscopic operations of which it carries out around 400 per year over the whole scope of sur-gery (including the introduction of new methods), mini-invasive treatment of urolithiasis (mainly flexible ureteroscopy) and oncourology. There is a special focus on renal tumors both in therapeutic and scientific terms (200 surgeries per year, numerous publications with impact factor). The department engages in very close cooperation with pathologists and radiologists amongst others.

Another area in which the Department of Urology has achieved considerable success is prostate cancer. The Department boasts excellent diagnostic possibilities (PHI marker, MRI and PSMA PET MRI imaging methods, software fusion biopsy). Penis cancer is also treated to a high level at this workplace (treatment of precancerosis – PeIN, performace-saving penis – glansectomy and resurfacing, miniinvasive „laparoscopic“ removal of groin nodes in penile tumors – VEILND with fluorescent node labeling with ICG).

The Department of Urology provides undergraduate teaching at Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, postgraduate teaching of residents (the Department has a prestigious accreditation from the European Board of Urology – EBU) and also teaching of non-medical health workers. The Department is a training center for laparoskopy and endourology in the treatment of urolithiasis.