The Department of Neonatology

NeonatologyThe Department of Neonatology provides highly specialized medical services to newborns, fulfilling the function of a neonatology center for the Pilsen Region and, in part, the Karlovy Vary Region. In the field of newborn physiology, the department's staff monitor the adaptation of children after birth. They devote great efforts to educating mothers in breastfeeding and baby care after they arrive home.

Intensive care units are provided with resuscitation and intensive care with the use of the most modern instrumentation, which enables the treatment of premature (including extremely immature) and ill newborns, all at the highest level. Great emphasis is placed on ensuring early contact between parents and newborns and developing a mother-child bond by using a gentle care system and positive touches, a welcoming environment, rooming-in, and the involvement of behavioral assistants. The Development Care Center has been monitoring children at risk of long-term developmental disorders for many years and, in indicated cases, carries out developmental interventions. With its comprehensive and multidisciplinary concept of developmental care, this workplace is exceptional within the Czech Republic.

Due to the wide range of health issues faced by newborns, the department cooperates with most clinics and the University Hospital Pilsen in the form of consultancy care.

The Department of Neonatology provides tuition for students of Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen and acts as a regional training center for doctors and nurses. It conducts clinical studies and collaborates on grant projects with the Department of Stomatology.