The Department of Immunochemistry Diagnostics | Biobank

Immunochemical analysisImmunochemical analysis is a relatively new, highly specialized method for the determination of hormones and tumor markers. It is used for both diagnostics and treatment control, and in some cases for screening programs.

The Department of Immunochemistry Diagnostics of the University Hospital Pilsen is the largest laboratory of this type in the Czech Republic. It carries out a total of 100 different types of analytical examinations. It serves the needs of the University Hospital Pilsen, as well as the entire Pilsen Region, and in specialized cases also carries out examinations for medical facilities in the Karlovy Vary and South Bohemian Regions.

One of the most important examinations conducted by this laboratory is the examination of prostate-specific antigen and other markers associated with it which, in cooperation with the Department of Urology, have been used to significantly improve the diagnosis of prostate cancer in the Pilsen Region. Cooperation with the Department of lmaging Methods also contributes to this.

The department provides instruction both for Charles University (Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen) and for the University of West Bohemia (Faculty of Health Care Studies) in the field of immunoanalysis and especially its clinical applications.

It cooperates closely with practically all departments of the University Hospital Pilsen and is involved in extensive international cooperation.

Part of the Department of Immunochemistry Diagnostics is the Biobank of the University Hospital Pilsen, which is primarily used for research purposes in the field of oncology and cardiosurgery and this biobank is part of the European biobank system BBMRI-ERIC, which serves for the sharing of information and, in particular, allows for the exchange of samples between European biobanks.