Surgical Propedeutics IV. year General Medicine Final Exam Questions


1.      Asepsis, anti-sepsis, disinfection, sterilisation

2.      Wounds classification, healing and healing disorders

3.      Wounds temporary and definite treatment

4.      Diagnostics of infections in surgery

5.      Basic methods of therapy in surgical infections

6.      Sepsis

7.      Wound infections

8.      Anaerobic infections

9.      Gram-negative, mycotic and specific infections

10.  Purulent infections of skin, subcutaneous tissue and skin adnexa

11.  Panaritia and purulent infections in the hand

12.  Nosocomial infections

13.  Pathophysiological changes caused by surgery and trauma

14.  Monitoring of a surgical patient

15.  Metabolism of water and ions in surgical patients

16.  Acidobasic balance

17.  Parenteral nutrition in surgery

18.  Enteral nutrition in surgery

19.  Basic algorithm for diagnostics of surgical disorders

20.  History and physical examination of a surgical patient

21.  Examination procedures in angiology

22.  Examination procedures in gastroenterology

23.  Examination and initial management of a patient with acute abdomen

24.  Examination procedures in mammology

25.  Basic rules for diagnostic and initial therapy during injuries to the neck, chest and abdomen

26.  Preparation of a patient for surgery

27.  Basic rules for post-operative care

28.  Rehabilitation of surgical patients

29.  Transfusion indications, preparations

30.  Transfusion technique, complications


1.      General basis of surgical therapy

2.      Surgical procedure general rules, terminology of basic surgeries

3.      Surgical instrumentation

4.      Local anaesthesia

5.      Incision, haemostasis and suture in surgery

6.      Basic procedures of general nature injections, cannulation of great vessels, etc.

7.      Basic bloodless general procedures catheterisation of urinary bladder, introduction of a tube to the GIT, etc.

8.      Puncture and drainage in surgery

9.      Surgical methods for airways management

10.  Complications in the surgical wound

11.  Post-operative gastrointestinal complications

12.  Post-operative respiratory complications

13.  Post-operative circulatory complications

14.  Post-operation thrombembolic complications

15.  Urinary post-operative complications

16.  Allergic and haemostatic post-operative complications

17.  Neurological and psychiatric post-operative complications

18.  Shock classification, pathophysiology

19.  Shock clinical picture and therapy

20.  Basic procedures in first aid and pre-hospital life support

21.  Burns classification, pathophysiology

22.  Burns first aid, local and systemic therapy

23.  Chemical injuries

24.  Electric injury

25.  Cold injury

26.  Crush syndrome, reperfusion syndrome, blast syndrome

27.  Basic characteristics of war surgery, treatment of shooting injuries and radiation injuries

28.  Basics of plastic and reconstruction surgery

29.  General issues of oncological surgery

30.  Basic terms in transplantology